Silver Jewelry and Its Different Types

Silver is a classic looking and beautiful precious metal. This looks great on people who have cool skin tones, and even those who have warmer tones love silver a lot that they even combine this with their gold jewelry. When shopping for silver jewelry, it is always best to determine the type that suits you best. There are several popular options as far as silver jewelry is concerned.

The silver often worn by people is almost always combined with a tiny amount of other types of metals like copper since pure silver is too soft for most kinds of jewelry. Sterling silver is the most common type of these alloys or mixtures.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals though there some other proportions available called in different names. The sterling silver is often stamped with 925, or it could also have the words sterling silver or silver to prove the authenticity of the piece. This three-digit number is an indication that the sterling silver is 925 parts silver combine with 75 parts of a different metal, or that this is 925 parts silver out of 1000 parts.

Many silver items are stamped to let buyers know its alloy content. You might be surprised to know how little or how much silver is found in most of your day to day items. Spoons and forks, or what you call silverware, are made of metal which is 80% silver.

The silver coins in the US have 90% silver. There are instances when some items are made with a combination which contains 95 or 98% silver yet these items are not often meant to be used or worn. As far as jewelry is concerned, sterling silver is considered gold standard. A high silver percentage makes it high quality metal which is still durable, strong, as well as resistant to scratches. The 92.5% is said to be the perfect balance.

The so-called silver plating is the affordable way of getting the looks of silver with no need to pay for the full weight of fine or sterling silver. However, this might not be your best jewelry option. Although regular silver will never lose its value even if it gets tarnished, the silver plated jewelry and objects will depreciate in value after some time.

Silver plating could be rubbed off to expose cheaper and ugly metals which can cause skin irritation. Good thing that many reliable jewelry stores sell only the sterling silver items. When the seller fails to tell you that it is sterling silver, and there is no stamp on it, chances are it is only silver plated.

When it comes to silver jewelry, sterling silver is almost always your best bet. This will not depreciate in value or get rubbed away like silver plated ones. This is also stronger and much more durable compared to pure silver.

But of course, if it investment you are after, you have to ensure that you get only quality silver items that will give you good returns.