“Reaching For The Gold” (RFTG) seminars present an opportunity to review and assess your contemporary “brand” as a potential Chief of Department. The seminar prompts you to “reacquaint” yourself with your principals and the foundation upon which you have built your public safety career. With the facilitation of two respected experts in this field, you will assess your attitude, your goals and expectations, and your current knowledge of the dynamics of what is actually occurring during your participation in an interview/selection process at the Chief of Department level.

RFTG Seminars helps you to prepare to perform at your highest level in a key interview in the most effective ways possible, employing “real-world” strategies and tactics that will place you far ahead of the competition within the competitive selection interview environment

RFTG Seminars explore essential concepts such as “Cause and Effect”, “Why People Fail Their Interview” and the “Twelve Essential Concepts” and “Two Assessments” that serve as a solid foundation to help ensure a successful interview outcome.

RFTG Seminars will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of the resume screening process and show you how to reduce the chances of being “screened out” by a municipality or consultant
  • Explore “hard” and “soft” approaches to mining data, leading to knowing the probable questions that you can anticipate with a response
  • Show you how to effectively network in advance of the interview to obtain useful intelligence about what is needed by the hiring authority in the position
  • Provide useful guidance on effectively interfacing with the municipality or executive recruiter in your interview preparation
  • Review how visual and verbal communications of the candidate are received and perceived by the intended audience
  • Review evidence of the traits and characteristics of the so-called “ideal” Chief of Department
  • Assist you in evaluating and defining for others your unique “operational/management style”
  • Review how interview panels may utilize specific “performance dimensions” to score your interview performance and analyze the quality of your responses to their interview questions.
  • Identify the “Likeability” factor and why it is so important
  • Identify the importance of mental rehearsal of “visualization” and video-taped mock interviews

The RFTG Seminar will “put it all together”, utilizing the “seven phases of an interview” that begin the moment you exit your vehicle upon arrival for the interview to exiting the interview and reentering your vehicle when your participation has been completed.

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