“I found the Reaching for the Gold seminar was an invaluable experience if you plan to be a Chief of Police or Public Safety Director. You will learn from the very people who have engaged in the selection and interview process for decades. They will inform you of the research and preparation needed to obtain a quantum leap in your career, and more importantly, they will share with you the beneficial lessons learned from previous successful applicants.”

David E. Downing
Deputy Chief of Police
City of Oakland, California

“This incredible book is a blueprint for planning and performing during the most important interview of your career. Who would think to focus on attitude, the subconscious, body language and strategic planning? Coming out #1 in a career changing interview takes more than just thinking and rehearsing. Lamont Ewell provides every step you must take when ‘Reaching For The Gold’.”

John Welter
Retired Chief of Police
California P.O.S.T. Instructor

“The RFTG seminar I participated in was the most informative program on this subject that I have experienced. I found the presentation to be informative and it provided valuable tools that very few aspiring chiefs have ever considered. The information presented by RFTG Seminars, if implemented appropriately, will certainly enhance the probability of success in the selection process.”

Alford Nero
Fire ChiefCity of Tracy, California
Fire Services Professional for 43 years, Service as Fire Chief for 25 years

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